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Start: 17.05.2014, 17:00

Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Bunkier Sztuki (sala audiowizualna), pl. Szczepański 3a

An event which is part of the project by a graduate of the Academy of Photography – Grzegorz Stefanski DARKROOM I.
Pairs of people who have not seen each other before entering the darkened room, and not able to verbally communicate, are given the task of jointly constructing a multi-storey tower with wooden blocks. Deprived of their basic senses, the participants must complete the task set before them, trying to sense the mutual energy and negotiate the common space.
After constructing the tower, each of them will be asked to describe the look and character of their partner. These dictaphone-recorded sound "portraits" and infrared recordings of the action will constitute the final project image.
On a screen in front of the room where the action will take place, earlier implementations of the project will be screened.
The event will last for two days from 17:00-20:00
People interested in taking part in the event, please send submissions to: martyna.mozdrzen@akademiafotografii.pl or contact us at tel. 601 38 38 76. Please put "Darkroom" in the email subject.
Organisers: Academy of Photography