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Małopolska in a United Europecompetition

Małopolska in a United Europe


Regionalny Ośrodek Debaty Międzynarodowej w Krakowie, ul. Mikołajska 2

MON-FRI 10:00-16:00

The competition is organised as part of the 10th anniversary of Polish accession to the European Union.The aim of the competition is to reflect on the socio-economic changes that have taken place in Małopolska since 1 May 2004, to stimulate debate on the Polish presence in the EU, and to support the artistic development of the participants. Photographic reportages composed of 8-14 images should be submitted to the competition. They should show the changes that have occurred in the Malopolska region over the past 10 years in connection with Poland's accession to the European Union.

SeJ Ny/ Slide Showphoto

SeJ Ny/ Slide Show

Start: 24.05.2014, 21:00

PAUZA, ul. Floriańska 18
MON–SAT: 10:00–00:00 | SUN: 10:00–00:00

Using photographs in promotions

Start: 13:00

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, ul. Lipowa 4

The 'Using Photographs in Promotion" training course is a repeat of the first course in the series "The Law in Culture" i.e. a series of four free training sessions addressed to cultural institutions, and co-organised by LASSOTA AND PARTNERS Law Firm and the Małopolska Institute of Culture.